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Monday, December 23, 2019

Ogboli Origins: A Western Igbo Ǹrì (Ǹshì) People

"Water Side Assaba." The Oshimili (Niger River) at Asaba c. 1889. Pitt Rivers Museum.
At Ani Udo, Edini […] prospered. […] Oral historians believe that many of the Ogboli clans that dot Anioma today were formerly the inhabitants of the original Ogboli community that was founded by Edini in Ani Udo. They also believe that the Benin-Anioma wars played a major role in dispersing the original residents of the Ogboli community, forcing them to abandon their homes at Ani Udo. Some moved closer to Igbuzo, where their new settlement became known as Ogboli-Igbuzo. Some moved to Issele-Ukwu to occupy the Ogboli-Issele-Ukwu quarters. Many more moved to Atuma and Akwukwu, while a large party fled across the Niger river to settle in Ogboli-Onitsha.

– Don C. Ohadike (1994). “Anioma: A Social History of the Western Igbo People”. p. 17.

Ogboli Origins: Isele Uku

The earliest ancestor of Ogboli village in Issele-Uku, was one Oke who like Edini, the founder of Ibusa and Odaigbo the founder of Ogwashi-Uku, came from Nshi or Nri in the East Central State.

– Lawrence N. Okpuno (1968). “A Short History of Eze-Chima”. p. 12.

According to Issele-Uku oral tradition, the Ogboli had long settled at the present town of Issele-Uku before the arrival of Ise who founded the Chima section of the town that claims Benin origin. In the past Nri people controlled kingship; it is not therefore [surprising] that up to this day Ogboli of Issele-Uku are the king makers [Onishe].

– M. A. Onwuejeogwu (1972) “An outline account of the dawn of Igbo civilization…” Ọdinani: The Journal of the Ọdinani Museum, Nri vol. 1. p. 37.

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In Ibusa today Ogboli was founded by Edini and the community called ogbeatapko in Ogboli are the children of UMU-EDINI